PediFix Forefoot Compression Sleeve – Extra Support for your Forefoot!

PediFix Compression Sleeve

If you’ve ever gotten a stress fracture in the metatarsal area of your foot, or suffered a sprain in that area, you know how much a little extra support can help enormously. I’m prone to stress fractures in that area of one of my feet, and I have tried a wide variety of aids just to help it feel a little more secure. Orthotics only help just so much, a little compression makes a big difference. That’s why I’m delighted to discover the Pedifix Forefoot Compression Sleeve. Finally, I can get some relief and support for that area, and nobody even has to know I’m wearing anything!

This fantastic compression sleeve fits into your shoes. Made from nylon and synthetic elastic, it’s hand washable so you can use it repeatedly. It easily fits into your shoes so you don’t have to advertise your injury!  I can’t believe the difference it makes feeling a little extra support on that part of my foot. If you’ve had surgery or suffered an injury in that area, the sleeve can help reduce swelling and speed healing. It feels a little like an ace bandage, but with far greater ease of use, easy on-off, and stabilizes the entire front of your foot. This is finally the product I need to add a little support and comfort to the metatarsal area of my foot.

If you need a little extra support for your forefoot, or if you’re recovering from surgery or have suffered a stress fracture, give the PediFix Forefoot Compression Sleeve a try. It could make a huge difference in your life!


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