Orthaheel becomes Vionic with Orthaheel Technology!


One of my very favorite brands has just gone through a change of name, but not a change in identity. Orthaheel is now Vionic with Orthaheel Technology. What’s the point of that? Apparently the company decided that it didn’t want to just be associated with orthopedic shoes; they are stylish too! So that’s why they changed the name. But having the “with Orthaheel Technology” lets you know that the shoes still have all the fabulous orthopedic features that you’d expect from any Orthaheel shoe. Vionic with Orthaheel Technology makes an already great product sound even fancier!

Is there any difference between the old brand’s footwear and the new? Virtually none, with one minor exception: Shoes that had been branded as Weil by Orthaheel (those designs attributed to wellness expert, Dr. Andrew Weil), are now part of the Vionic with Orthaheel Technology collection. All of the shoes contain the same outstanding Tri-Planar Motion Control footbed, which helps restore the foot’s neutral alignment and provides orthotic support and stability. Vionic with Orthaheel Technology continues to receive the endorsement of Dr. Andrew Weil and the American Podiatric Medical Association.

The flagship model is the Tide – and newly introduced is the Tide II. What’s the difference between the two models? The Tide II contains leather in its upper, whereas the original Tide was completely synthetic. The footbeds are the same, and I absolutely love how they make my feet feel. These shoes are perfect for warm weather, and are the most affordable means I have found to have orthotic properties in a flip flop. And the best part: they look like stylish flip flops. Even my  persnickety children, who refuse to have anything to do orthotic anything, think that these look absolutely great and would happily wear them. (Which makes me happy since these shoes give them much needed support!)

Check out all the great models by Vionic with Orthaheel Technology. They have the perfect blend of orthotic support and great style!

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