Smartwool Socks – Phenomenal Comfort and Gorgeous Style!


As the weather cools, I love to wear cozy socks. But sometimes socks itch, or make my feet sweat, or just don’t hold up well. I just found Smartwool socks, and they deliver a much more positive experience!

These are not just your everyday socks (although you’ll want to wear them every day!). They are made from high-quality Merino wool, which helps keep your feet warm and dry. Some models are cushioned, some have a supportive arch brace, and all of them have outstanding moisture-wicking properties. They also contain a technology called WOW™, which adds an extra layer of yarn in the high impact areas of the sock. This technology makes the socks up to 30% more durable than conventional socks.

There’s a style for everyone. Need some unobtrusive socks to wear inside your flats? Check out the Women’s Secret Sleuth. It’s available in Medium Black Wool or Medium Natural Wool, and has a profile such that you really don’t see the sock when you wear a flat shoe.

Like classic cable socks? There’s the Smartwool Women’s Cable. Available in Black, Chestnut, or Grey wool, this sock is a crew length with beautiful woven cables. The Women’s Cable is perfect for everyday wear and goes with all sorts of attire. It’s even made in America!

Men have some beautiful and comfortable choices in the Diamond Jim socks. These socks are available in Taupe or Black wool, have the same extraordinary qualities of Merino wool, and even have a supportive arch brace woven into the sole. What’s not to love about this classically-styled yet innovatively-designed sock?

These are just a few of the available models from Smartwool. Keep your feet cool, dry, and comfortable this winter!

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