Orthofeet Shoes for Sensitive Feet!


Orthofeet AstoriaIf you have sensitive feet – and you know who you are – finding truly comfortable shoes can be an arduous task.  There’s a brand that specializes in shoes for people with persnickety feet: Orthofeet!

If you’ve got heel pain, arch pain, hammer toes, diabetic feet, and even arthritis, this brand can really help alleviate your symptoms. What’s so special about Orthofeet?  They provide superior shock absorption and cushioning. They help propel your foot forward. The wide, high toe box has very soft linings to help reduce pressure points on your foot. The insoles are anatomically shaped to provide extra support, and the shoes are shaped to allow the use of custom orthotics. And many models are available in wide and extra wide widths!

There are many types of models of Orthofeet shoes. Need an Athletic shoe? Women can check out the Tahoe. It’s a phenomenal walking shoe that is truly kind to your feet. The “Tie-Less Lacing System” allows for easy on and off, and the orthotic insole contains a deep heel cup and an anatomic arch support.

A casual Men’s shoe is the Clearwater. It’s a fisherman-style sandal with adjustable Velcro straps, and provides plenty of ventilation to keep your feet cool and dry.  This casual shoe is perfect for everyday wear, and is a nice alternative to an athletic shoe. The Velcro straps are customizable and allow you to have the perfect fit.

A versatile slip-on shoe for women is the Astoria. Available in Navy or Black leather, this shoe has an adjustable Velcro strap on each side of the upper. I love the fact that this shoe can go with all sorts of attire, and provides superb comfort without looking like a shoe designed for 900-year-old people.  If you don’t want anyone to know that you have “special needs feet,” this shoe can help you keep your secret!

Check out the great variety of new Orthofeet shoes at footwearetc.com!

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