Icon Shoes and Handbags for the Art Lover in You!


Lots of brands carry comfortable shoes. There are tremendous numbers of attractive and practical handbags out there too. But if you’re an art lover and would love to see designs on your handbags and footwear, look no further than Icon products!

Love Picasso? Klimt? Utamaro? Many artists have had their designs featured on Icon products. In 1999 Icon created its first art-printed leather shoes: the Andy Warhol Campbell Soup Sneaker. Since then, Icon has created many models of shoes with even more artwork reproduced onto its high quality leather products. The company takes pride in reproducing the artwork so that it complements the style of shoe or handbag it is on, and is incredibly attentive to detail. Each artist (or his estate) is compensated for the use of the artwork. It is an honor to be featured on an Icon product!

A few examples of these gorgeous products are:

The Icon Women’s Lisa-3 Night Leather – this handbag features the artwork of Joan Miro I Ferra, a Catalan Spanish artist. You can use it as a clutch or as a cross-body bag. The subtle design makes it an elegant choice for dressy attire. I particularly love the luxurious feel of the leather.

For a casual, easy-to-wear golf/walking shoe, try the Icon Jolie-43 Golf Shoe. I love the version featuring the artwork of Klimt. The subtle blues and golds make this shoe very versatile so that you can wear it with a wide variety of outfits. And even though the upper depicts a famous piece of artwork, the shoe itself is incredibly comfortable. If you need to wear an orthotic, note that the insole is removable.

Like wedges? Check out the Icon Women’s Paolo-1 Wedge Slide. Featuring a portion of the masterpiece, “Girl With a Mirror” by Pablo Picasso, this gorgeous slide is bold in color yet its soft and supple leather pampers your feet. This unique design is sure to turn heads wherever you go – in a good way! I may not be able to have a Picasso gracing my walls, but it’s a blast having one grace my feet!

Renoir fans will love the Icon Women’s Essy-2 Umbrellas Leather. The original artwork, “The Umbrellas” is an oil-on-canvas painting, created by Renoir in the 1880s. If you love impressionism, this is the shoe for you. The shoe is a casual oxford-style shoe that is comfortable and gorgeous at the same time.

Art lovers – check out the phenomenal styles and unforgettable artwork on Icon shoes and handbags. You can be an art connoisseur with every step you take!

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