Need an Alternative to Flip Flops? Try NoSoX Shoes!

Nosox Wino

For the lightest, coolest, most flexible shoes you’ll ever find, check out the NoSoX line. These shoes are incredibly lightweight and are perfect for traveling. The mesh uppers compress easily so that you can pack them in your suitcase and not have them take up much room or weight.

These shoes are terrific for just “knocking around.” They are cool, since the mesh fabric is very breathable. They are designed to be worn with or without socks, making them very easy to wear. The EVA insole and outsole are very light and spongy so that you feel like you’re walking on air. What a great option for a very casual shoe!

Made for both men and women, two models available now at Footwear etc. are the Wino and the Winkle. The Wino is a slip-on shoe that is available in Taupe Mesh or Charcoal/Mint Sport mesh for women, and Black Mesh, Taupe Mesh, or Navy Mesh for men. The Winkle is an oxford-styled lace-up shoe. It’s available in Taupe Mesh for men, and Natural/Sherbet Sport Mesh or Navy/Pink Sport Mesh for women.

These are also great shoes to get wet, since the mesh and EVA insole/outsole dries quickly.

If you’re tired of wearing flip flops and want something easy to wear instead, give NoSoX a try. They’re lightweight, cool, and fun!

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