MBT Men’s Safety: the Only Steel Toe Rocker Soled Shoe!

MBT Safety

Here at Footwear etc. we constantly have customers who need work shoes with steel toes. Many of those customers are on their feet all day and greatly prefer the comfort provided by shoes with rocker soles. For this special case, only one shoe will do: the MBT Men’s Safety.

The Safety is aptly named, since it contains a Class 1 steel toe, designed to protect your feet from possible injury due to falling objects, stubbing your toes, etc. The Safety also has a durable lug sole, which can help provide traction. And as with all MBT shoes, you’ll love the feel of the rocker sole and the natural instability it provides. By forcing you to find your own center of balance as well as helping to propel you forward as you walk, this shoe is fantastic for people who are on their feet all day.  This may be the perfect work shoe for those who need extra protection in their shoes.

Need a rocker sole shoe? Need a steel toe? Check out the MBT Safety. You get the best of both worlds with this fantastic shoe!

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