New MBTs Are Arriving Daily!

MBT Boxes

They’re here, they’re finally here, MBTs are arriving! For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting new styles and colors as well as some of your old favorites, this is the time to check out! MBT is back and better than ever, and has sent some great shoes to us.

Why are these shoes so popular? It’s all about the rocker sole. The natural instability of these shoes forces you to balance yourself, thus helping you improve your posture. There is great shock absorption. Many customers have reported an alleviation of pain in their joints as well. They are easy to wear, and easy to use when you have to spend hours on your feet.

Teachers, medical professionals, and even many other folks whose jobs require a great deal of standing or walking have touted these shoes for years. Here’s your chance to get in on the comfort!

If you loved the Kisimu sandals, you’ll love the Kisimu 3. It’s available in Honey for women, and black for men and women. The Kisimu series has been one of MBT’s most popular sandals over the years, and this version is sure to please as well. I personally have found them to be one of the most comfortable of all of the MBT products I’ve tried.

The Sport 3 for men and women is a new version of the Sport series. It has a slimmer profile and toe box than the Sport 2, and a streamlined appearance. You’ll find that feeling of the rocker sole  is just as pronounced as always, and this shoe is a fabulous shoe for exercise. It’s also lighter in weight than the Sport 2 was, making it much easier and comfortable to wear.

A great casual shoe for women is the Muziki. This slip-on Mary Jane has a canvas upper and is available in Military, Chili, and Dove. This could be the perfect casual shoe for shopping, running errands, and just being out and about. Just slip it on and go!

These are just a few of the new shoes available from MBT at Footwear etc. Come check them out while they’re still available!


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