The Current Favorite Handbag Here…Hobo International’s Joann!

Hobo Joann

When this handbag came into the office, pretty much everything stopped. We all HAD to get a good look at it, because it was just SO pretty. Hobo International has outdone itself once again with a gorgeous oversized wristlet. The Joann is a fabulous bag you can use every day, or even for special occasions. What really makes it pop is the color blocking. This bag is available in Jade/Caramel leather or Black/Caramel leather.

What’s especially nice about this bag is the size. At 10.5” wide x 7” high x 5” deep, it’s an easy to use clutch that can actually HOLD your needed items. For those of us who are sick of having to pare down our necessities, you won’t necessarily have to do so with this bag. I can easily get in my wallet, keys, checkbook, some cosmetics, some medications, and of course some tissues! It completely fits the bill for me; it could do so for you too!

I also love the luxuriousness of the leather. It’s top-grain vintage leather that’s been tumbled for a slightly distressed look. It’s soft and supple and feels great in your hands. The patterned lining is durable and yet attractive with a beautiful circle design. This is a beautiful bag inside and out!

The Joann is not just beautiful, it’s also practical. Not only is it a great size, it has a few interior pockets so that you can stash a few items away. What more could you possibly need from a handbag?

Check out the Joann from Hobo International. It’s gorgeous, practical, and fun!


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