Have Back Pain? Try BackJoy !


Most people have lousy posture, particularly when they’re sitting. I know I’m guilty of this myself; it’s so easy to slouch in your seat, or torque your torso, or sit too far back. Now there are products that can really help make you feel better while you’re sitting: BackJoy seats!

These seats aren’t mere cushions. They actually improve your posture as you sit and engage your core muscles. It’s amazing how different you can feel just by having your back aligned properly!

BackJoy products are easy to use. All you do is sit down on the seat, and pull it forward so that the curved back hits the top of your hips.  You can use them anywhere, on hard or on soft seats. They are very portable; take them to the movies, or the office, or use in your car, or even on a bench.

Why does this make such a difference? The design of the BackJoy seat forces you to automatically align your body into proper posture position. When you sit on the seat, your body weight activates the seat’s patented Applied Postural Science™. That automatically tilts, cups, and floats your pelvis so that it’s in the optimum position for proper posture. It also engages your core muscles, which support your lumbar area and therefore reduce strain on your back. The seat even dynamically reacts to your body movement, so that you can remain aligned in your seat even if you move around.

There are two different models: the Relief, and the Posture +. The shape of each seat is the same, the main difference is that the Relief has some cushioning over the frame, whereas the Posture + has a rubbery material over the frame. The Relief is only available in black; the Posture + is available in Sea Blue, Red, Yellow, Fuchsia, and Orange. Both models work the same way and provide the same benefits.

Give your aching back a break – try out the seats from BackJoy!

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