Announcing: Arcopedico Shoes!

Our new kid on the block comes out of Portugal, and is a brand of casual shoes with great support. Arcopedico shoes range in styles from lace-up shoes with knit uppers, to Mary Janes with leather uppers. They come in a bunch of fun colors, and will definitely make your feet feel great as you show off your sporty style.

The great part about this brand is that they have an orthopedically designed outsole that contains twin arch supports. What this does is distribute your weight all over the entire footbed. The cork and latex in the footbed also provides extra cushioning, so you’ll feel comfortable walking and standing for hours. These shoes even have great air circulation properties, so your feet can stay cool and dry. What more could you ask for in a shoe?

Arcopedico LSThe Arcopedico Women’s LS is a lace-up shoe with a knit upper. It’s available in some really fun colors, like red, orange, black, beige and grey gunmetal, so you can make them work with almost anything in your wardrobe. I particularly like this shoe for casual weekend wear; they’re comfortable yet rugged enough to wear around town.

Arcopedico ShawnaI happen to love Mary Janes, and a style I really like is the Arcopedico Women’s Shawna. It has a leather upper that is soft, and contains accent stitching for visual interest. The upper is really soft and luxurious, and comes in a variety of colors as well (such as red, green, pewter and black). This shoe is dressy enough to wear to work or during a casual evening out. It may be a casual Mary Jane, but it definitely is attractive enough to wear to your favorite restaurant!

These are just a couple of the new styles available from Arcopedico. Check out our website for more timeless and versatile designs!


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