Orthotics Users! Have We Got a Brand for You…Padders!

Here at Footwear etc., we have a lot of customers who need to wear orthotics for a variety of reasons. But not all shoes can accommodate these inserts. If you’re sick of trying to make a shoe fit with your orthotic, check out the Padders brand.

This British company has been around for almost 100 years, and prides itself on its quality and customer service. But the shoes are really what set the brand apart. They are ideal for people who have wide feet and/or wear orthotics. A really interesting aspect is that these shoes come with not one, but TWO insoles. You can truly customize your fit.

Why two insoles? If you need an orthotic, pop out the removable insole and insert your orthotic. You should get a great fit with the extra support you need. Have a wide foot? Pop out the removable insole and just use the remaining insole.

Another feature that I really like is the design of the toe box. Even if you have wide feet, the way the toe box is designed prevents your feet from LOOKING wide. In fact, the design helps your feet look narrow. Add to that the soft leather upper and flexible sole, you’ve got a very comfortable shoe!

One model I really like is the Sandy. Available in Black or Bronze leather, it features an adjustable Velcro closure so that you can customize the fit. This is a great shoe for everyday wear or even dressier slacks.

Another model that caught my attention is the Sheila. This shoe is casual enough to wear every day, but dressy enough to wear with a dress or skirt. It features elastic criss-cross straps that allow you to easily get the shoe on and off, yet keeps it securely on your foot. It’s a beautiful shoe that you can use for a wide variety of occasions.

Padders is a fantastic brand for folks who need orthotics, have wide feet, or just enjoy comfortable shoes. See how well they work for you!

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