Bootights® – the Ultimate Comfort When You Want to Wear Tights With Your Boots!

Let’s face it, wearing tights with boots just isn’t necessarily as comfortable as wearing socks with boots. For one thing, tights are a lot thinner. Ever had your feet slip in your boots when you wore tights? It’s a weird feeling. Tights also don’t keep your feet as warm as socks, nor do they provide any kind of support whatsoever.

But there’s a solution to this problem: Bootights®! This product combines the best of both tights and socks, all in one garment. Here’s how it works:

BootightsThe sock and the tight are attached! You won’t see the sock portion unless you take your boot off. You pull them on just as you would any other tight, but your feet will feel a big difference in that portion of the garment.

The sock portion has moisture-wicking properties so that your feet can feel warm and dry.  It also contains mesh on the top of the foot area to allow for more breathability too. What I particularly like is that there’s compression arch support and heel cushioning. Who knew that your tights could give your feet support?

The tight portion is also amazing. They come in a variety of patterns and colors so you can have lots of variety in your wardrobe. But there are comfort features as well, like the dig-free waistband that won’t roll or bind. You can feel the high quality in the material, as well as the all-over support.

Bootights® have been featured on Oprah, The View, and Good Morning America (just to name a few sources). They are catching on like wildfire! You can have this amazingly comfortable, stylish tight in your wardrobe too – check out the colors and patterns at and feel more comfortable in your boots than ever!

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