Need Warm Socks? Check Out These Wool Versions!

If you get cold feet during the winter months, consider wearing wool socks. These are the ultimate in warmth and comfort for your feet. Some socks are thicker than others, but it’s important to look for socks that have good wicking properties so that your feet don’t just sweat in the fabric. Here are a few examples:

Thorlo Unisex KLT-13 Hiking Crew Socks – these socks have thick cushioning and made from a wool blend, which helps wick perspiration away from your skin. The cushioning helps reduce shock and the incidence of blisters. This is a great all-around wool blend sock for everyone.

Marcmarcs Women’s #82100 Wool Cotton Socks – With 60% wool, these warm socks are luxurious in comfort. They contain a soft-touch cotton inside the sock and virgin wool outside. They are warm but not thick, and also contain aloe vera for extra softness. These are great socks with which to pamper your feet!

Kunert Men’s Julius Merino Wool Socks – this wool/silk blend is also a luxurious product. There is even cashmere in the mix! You have no need to worry about the top of the sock binding or applying pressure, this socks is specifically designed to avoid that. You will love how this feels on your skin, as the material keeps it warm yet dry.

Wool socks – they’re what to wear this winter!

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