Cozy Slippers for the Cold Weather!

I absolutely adore wearing cozy clothing as the weather cools down. Sweats, fleece, flannel – if it’s soft and fuzzy, I love to wear it. I’m especially excited to see the great new styles in slippers from Acorn! Cozy comfort is definitely part of this equation!

Acorn slippers are made from Italian wool-blend knit, soft Sherpa fleece, Thermolite synthetic down, and water-repellent suede. But even better, they actually support your feet, with a removable EVA insole with an anatomic arch support. How fantastic is that? You get warmth AND support in a slipper. What’s not to love?

My favorite is the Acorn Women’s Crosslander Moc. It’s available in Café Wool (shades of brown) and is an easy-to-wear slip on that keeps your entire foot comfortable. It’s the perfect slipper that can go from indoors to outside – for those times when you want to go grab the newspaper. The rubber outsole has terrific traction and should hold up well over time.

An option for men is the Acorn Men’s Fave Gore. The wool-blend tweed upper is in a beautiful grey color, and the microfleece lining wicks moisture so that your feet stay warm and dry. This is a great slipper to wear indoors as well as outdoors since it contains a suede sidewall as well as non-slip weatherproof sole.

Keep your feet warm and cozy as the weather cools down! Acorn slippers are perfect for wearing around the house or even walking outside to get the paper. You’ll love how they make your feet feel!


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