Boiled Wool and Wool Felt Slippers by Haflinger!

If you’re a stickler for natural materials in your shoes, you’ll love the slippers by Haflinger. They only work with natural materials like boiled wool, wool felt, and cork – and it makes a difference in how the shoes feel.

Ever feel a cork footbed? It molds to your feet! That’s why Haflinger products are so incredibly comfortable. They’re not only soft and cozy from the wool, you get an anatomical footbed from the cork. With these natural materials, you can even wash the shoes to keep them looking their best for years to come!

Depending on the model you get, you could get either a double felt outsole, which adds cushioning and traction on surfaces, or a rubber traction sole for a more reliable grip on surfaces.

One adorable model is the Women’s Doggy. It has a really cute motif of a dog on the upper, and the slipper keeps your feet warm and cozy while massaging your feet!

Men also have a wonderful model in the Classic Grizzly. The warm wool-covered footbed feels great and massages your foot with each step you take. This model has a lightweight rubber traction sole, so you can walk outside and not worry about the shoe deteriorating in any way. This slipper will hold up beautifully over time, you’ll love the durability and comfort.

Keep your feet warm and cozy this winter with slippers by Haflinger. They’re just what your feet need to be comfortable all winter long.


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