Looking for a Waterproof Boot? Check out the Aetrex Women’s Berries Bungee Boot

The Aetrex Berries Collection is known for its incredibly comfortable, stretchy, lightweight materials that conform to your feet. Now, there’s a new addition to the mix: the Aetrex Women’s Berries Bungee Boot!

Available in Mochaberry or Blackberry, this outstanding weatherproof boot is sure to keep your feet dry and comfortable even during sloppy weather. They have fabulous traction, so you can feel secure wearing them in the rain.

I’m really looking forward to having warm, dry feet during our sloppy winters. The neoprene linings are insulated yet stretch so that they’ll fit me beautifully, and I know that the Aegis anti-microbial lining will help protect against bacteria and odor. I love how these boots feel; the insole is made from memory foam! What a fantastic way to pamper your feet!

But I think my favorite part of this boot is the toggle lacing system. It’s not only functional, it’s extremely stylish. It’s also made getting the boot on and off incredibly easy, yet very adjustable.

If you want your feet to stay warm, dry, and cozy during sloppy weather, definitely check out the Aetrex Women’s Berries Bungee Boot. Now the rainy season won’t seem so dismal!

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