Announcing the New Plantar Fasciitis Shop at Footwear etc.!

If you’ve got Plantar Fasciitis, you know how painful your feet can be. That’s why Footwear etc. is launching its online Plantar Fasciitis Shop – to help all those sufferers. There are so many different shoes and products out on the market that can alleviate pain, we’ve decided to put them in one place for easy one-stop shopping. What’s not to love about that? Here’s a sampling of some of the products that may make your life far less painful:

Feetures! Unisex Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve – this fantastic new product functions as a compression sock to help improve circulation and to stabilize the plantar fascia. You can wear it while sleeping, or even under  your regular socks. Feetures! even says that you can wear these while you run. Made from 76% iWick Nylon and 24% Lycra Spandex, this sock is easy to slip on and off, and will help keep your feet cool and dry. This simple sock can make a huge difference in your pain level.

The Strassburg Sock is a sleep aid that you can wear during the night to alleviate morning pain. It helps you keep tension on the Plantar Fascia so that your foot is flexed and the tendon is not able to contract. The stretching of the tendon helps strengthen the arch, and can help reduce the incidence of morning foot pain.

Insoles that have arch support and deep heel cups are very beneficial for alleviating Plantar Fasciitis pain. A great example is the Superfeet Unisex Green Insole. This particular insole is perfect when you want to swap out a removable insole from your shoe with a supportive insole. This particular insole provides phenomenal shock absorption and lots of support, so you’re pampering your feet as you use it. It’s suitable for not only walking, but also running, hiking, skiing and even snowboarding. See if it makes a difference in your footwear.

The Plantar Fasciitis Shop also contains several brands of footwear that can help reduce pain. One brand that has proven to be extremely helpful is Orthaheel. Intended to restore natural foot function and keep your feet aligned properly, these shoes contain outstanding support and really do help alleviate pain. They have received the American Podiatric Medical Association’s Seal of Acceptance, and can make a huge difference in your life. I have been wearing my Orthaheel Tide flip flops all summer long and have found them to be more supportive and comfortable than even some of my athletic shoes. Orthaheel shoes come in a wide variety of styles, so men and women have many options to choose from.

Don’t just put up with pain from Plantar Fasciitis. Check out the new Plantar Fasciitis Shop online at Your feet will thank you!


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