New Models from Gravity Defyer

Yes, you CAN have your cake and eat it too. You can have that comfortable shoe you’ve always wanted, without it LOOKING like a “comfort” shoe. Take a look at a couple of the new models from Gravity Defyer!

I really like the Men’s Arigato. It looks like a regular sneaker, but has all of the phenomenal benefits you find in every Gravity Defyer shoe. Available in black or white canvas, it’s a great casual shoe appropriate for those active weekends, or anytime you want a sporty shoe. It’s got the VersoShock Trampoline Technology that puts spring in your step as it absorbs shock, and helps propel you forward. Twin stabilizers also provide lateral stability. It even adds 1 ¾” to your height!

A new woman’s shoe is the Nivita. It’s a slip-on that is suitable for casual or “business casual” wear. I love the versatility of this shoe; I could wear it with a huge percentage of my wardrobe. It’s a comfortable shoe you could use for every day. As with all Gravity Defyer shoes, the VersoShock Trampoline absorbs the shock you induce as you step, and helps propel you forward. The Smart Memory Master Spring aids the trampoline by providing smooth transitions between when you stand still and when you move, and the twin stabilizers provide additional stability. This shoe also adds 1 ¾” to your height, in case you want to feel a little taller! This is a wonderfully easy-to-wear shoe.

Check out these new models from Gravity Defyer. Let them put some spring in your step!

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