Celebrity Sightings of Vibram FiveFingers – Not just for Elite Runners!

Barefoot running technology isn’t just for elite runners who want to experience the feeling of running barefoot while having protection for their feet. It’s for anyone who wants to feel more connected to the ground, and allow for the natural stimulation of muscles in your feet and lower legs. Anyone can benefit from this technology, and lo-and-behold there have been numerous celebrity sightings of Vibram FiveFingers shoes!

One of the latest sightings of celebrity wearers is the children’s musical group, The Wiggles. Vibram FiveFingers are the perfect shoes for all the activity of their stage show, and are fun to look at as well.  Other celebrities that have been observed wearing these shoes include: Josh Duhamel, Kate Hudson, and even Donovan McNabb. If they’re good enough for celebrities, they’re good enough for all of us!

I really like the fact that with these shoes, you can wear them for running, for strolling about town, for just relaxing, or even for beach wear. You get all the benefits of being barefoot, yet the soles of your feet are protected from rocks, heat, and other road hazards.

Vibram FiveFingers are available in a variety of styles and colors – with laces, or in slip-on styles. There’s a shoe for everyone! Just remember that if you haven’t experienced barefoot technology before, you might need some time to adjust. Wear them for just a few hours at a time, on non-consecutive days, until your feet and legs get used to the extra simulation. With the increasing popularity of these shoes, you’ll find a fantastic selection available.

Check out the Vibram FiveFingers shoes. If celebrities love them, you might too!


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