Top 5 Reasons to Buy Orthaheel Products

I just bought my very first pair of Orthaheel flip flops. I knew they’d be good for my feet, but I had no idea the profound effect they would have on my life. I have chronic foot and knee issues, along with recurring Plantar Fasciitis. Have they made a difference to me? Absolutely. Here are the reasons why you should purchase them:

1)      There is great arch support. This makes a huge difference if you have “weaker” feet, or are prone to Plantar Fasciitis. I never realized how little support my other shoes were giving me until I put these on.

2)      There is a deep heel cup. This provides excellent stability, even in flip flops and slides. They are the most stable shoes I have ever owned of this type. They’re even more stable than some of my other conventional sandals, and I’ve got flip flops.

3)      The orthotic footbed actually helps you keep your body aligned properly. Misalignment definitely exacerbates my chronic knee issues (due to a floating kneecap). I find I have less knee pain because I’m aligned properly in these shoes. This would be amazingly beneficial to those with back problems as well.

4)      They are endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association and by Health and Wellness expert Dr. Andrew Weil. If those folks say these shoes are good for your feet, you can believe them!

5)      Orthaheels are stylish. Often, shoes that provide orthopedic value are just plain ugly. These are not. There are plenty of styles available for both men and women that look good on your feet as well as feel good. In fact, my teenaged daughter, who typically dislikes my shoes, actually said that these were nice. You have no idea how high that praise is.

I happened to get the Orthaheel Women’s Tide. These are great all-around flip flops that I can wear to the beach, or even out on the town because they are attractive. I’m even wearing them to work, as I type this. Yes, I don’t want to take them off. There are many other attractive and comfortable styles in the Orthaheel line (like Mary Janes and slides), check them out. There’s definitely one for everyone, and you will LOVE how they’ll make your feet feel and look.

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