Spenco Footwear – Not Just Insoles Anymore!

Spenco has been around since 1967 and has provided a wide variety of footcare products like insoles, heel cups, and orthotic arches. Now, Spenco has come out with actual footwear and it’s all on sale at Footwear etc.!  If you’re looking to expand your flip flop or slide collections, definitely check out the new line from Spenco! These shoes are cost-effective as well as supportive!

What makes these sandals great is that they have orthotic-quality arch and heel support. Spenco is known for its motion control properties as well; if you tend to pronate or supinate, these shoes can be very helpful. You’ll also notice that like the Spenco insoles, the sandals contain excellent shock absorption and cushioning.

Women have a couple of model choices in the Yumi Polysorb and the Kohlo Polysorb. The Yumi is a flip flop that is available in caramel/coffee synthetic, grey/pink synthetic, and grey/purple synthetic. The Kohlo  Polysorb is a slide that is available in black synthetic, caramel/coffee synthetic, grey/purple synthetic, or grey/pink synthetic.  

Men’s options include the Fusion Polysorb slide and the Yumi Polysorb flip flop.  The Fusion Polysorb is available in black synthetic, or black/blue synthetic. The Yumi Polysorb comes in brown/orange synthetic, khaki/chili synthetic, or black/grey synthetic.  

For orthotic-quality support in a slide or flip flop, take a look at the new sandals from Spenco. They’re just what the doctor ordered!

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