Interesting Colors and Patterns in Clogs from Sanita!

Footwear etc. is excited to welcome back a fantastic brand of clogs, shoes, and sandals: Sanita. If you like wearing supportive clogs and shoes with classic and eclectic styles, you’ll love this brand. I’m very fussy about clogs in particular, and I really like Sanitas for a variety of reasons:

1)      Sanita clogs and shoes have an anatomically-shaped footbed and its designs are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. I’m all for any shoe that is GOOD for my feet and reduces the strain on my back and legs.

2)      They have a mild rocker outsole. This helps propel you forward, yet still provides stability. With a stabilizing PVC insert, shock absorbant flexible PU sole and skid-resistant outsole, I feel confident that my chances of falling in these shoes is lower than it would be in other brands.

3)      The toe box is roomy! I hate having my toes squished, and Sanitas give me lots of room to wiggle my toes.

4)      Sanitas have good arch support. That makes a huge difference in the length of time I can wear a pair of shoes comfortably.

5)      They come in fun colors and patterns! Not only can you get “normal” colors like black and brown, you can get colors like fuchsia, red patent leather, and violet! With patterns, the sky is the limit! Among others, you can choose from Brown Leopard Print, Camel Embossed Patent Leather, Zebra Print leather, or even Multi Color Leather. These shoes can truly reflect your mood!

 Check out the new Sanita clogs and shoes at – there’s color and pattern for any mood you might have, and you’ll delight in how comfortable they are!


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