Experience VersoShock Trampoline Technology with Gravity Defyer Shoes!

You CAN have a spring in your step. Literally. That’s the beauty of Gravity Defyer shoes. With all the great technology out there these days, there is absolutely no need for you to put up with shoes that don’t have adequate shock absorption. Gravity Defyer Shoes are terrific in this respect; they have some of the best shock absorption properties of any shoes on the market. What makes them so special? Read on…

Each Gravity Defyer shoe contains VersoShock Trampoline technology. This means that there’s a spring in the heel, which absorbs shock on impact. It also propels you forward as the spring returns to its original position.  The twin stabilizers provide lateral stability, and the midsole creates a natural rocking motion that protects your metatarsal bones. The removable Comfort-Fit Insole is extremely soft and protects against irrigation, yet can be removed if you need an orthotic. This technology provides the ultimate in shock absorption, you’ll love the way it feels!

Gravity Defyer has some new models out that are great for everyday wear:

The Women’s Riley is an oxford-styled shoe with a brass buckle for visual interest. The leather upper is soft yet durable. Available in black or taupe, this is a terrific shoe for work, or casual wear.

Like booties? Check out the Women’s Emma. This model also features accent stitching and a prominent arch strap. It even adds 1 ¾” to your height!

Make the most of technology with Gravity Defyer Shoes. The spring in your step will feel great!

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