As Seen in Runner’s World Magazine: The New Balance 860SB2 Running Shoe

The folks at Runner’s World magazine know what they’re talking about when they rate shoes. After all, they are the ones who pound the pavement, and they understand exactly how important exceptional quality footwear is. The New Balance 860SB2 not only fits the bill, it’s actually an Editor’s Choice selection. What sets this shoe apart from the gazillion other running shoes out there?

It’s all about the support and cushioning. Having foam padding under the foot, a wide toebox for expansion, and outstanding support creates a stable and soft landing. This is especially useful for high-mileage runners, but every runner can benefit from these features.

One of New Balance’s most technologically advanced models, the 860SB2 contains New Balance’s most advanced shock absorption and cushioning materials in the midsole. The midsole is also 24% lighter than standard form. The dual-density medial post helps keep you from overpronating. The outsole is extremely durable, and the cushioning in the midfoot also adds to the shock absorption properties. Your feet will stay cool and dry yet supported with the synthetic/mesh upper. All of these phenomenal features put together makes the 860SB2 an outstanding shoe, which is nothing unusual for New Balance!

Available for both men and women, the New Balance 860SB2 gets superior reviews for a reason. Do your feet a favor and treat them to an outstanding running shoe. You’ll feel the difference around the house, or at mile 26!


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