Remember Earth Shoes? Now there are New Types for Everyone!

I remember the Earth shoes from the ‘70s. They had a negative heel, and were fairly clunky-looking. But they were popular and comfortable, and reflected the fashion sense of the day. Earth shoes are back, and updated for today’s tastes in fashion and comfort. There are actually three Earth brands available: Kalso Earth Shoes (the original wellness shoes with a negative heel), Earthies Shoes (very fashion  forward wellness shoes), and Earth Shoes (contemporary designs for the everyday working woman).

Kalso Earth shoes feature a negative heel, setting your heel slightly lower than your toes. Why is this a good thing? It helps you improve your posture and reduce stress on your joints. It also allows you to emulate the feeling of walking barefoot in sand, which is optimal for not just your feet but your entire body. The positioning of your body makes a world of difference in how your joints feel, so Kalso Earth excel in that realm. These shoes are available for both men and women, in a wide variety of styles!

For women, I particularly like the Kalso Earth Women’s Daily. It’s a great all-around shoe for everyday wear. It’s an easy to wear, slip-on shoe with a soft leather upper. You could wear this to work with dressier attire, or with casual clothes. Available in Black, Navy, Almond and Rosso, this could be your next favorite shoe!

A great shoe for men is the Kalso Earth Men’s Classic Too. Available in Bark Leather, this lace-up shoe is versatile enough to go with most of your wardrobe. It also doesn’t look clunky, so you can get all the benefits of the negative heel and have some style as well.

If you like feminine-styled footwear, you’ll love Earthies shoes. They are really stylish, fashion-forward designs that feature cupped heels, cradled footbeds, and a graduated arch support. Women can feel confident that they’ll get great support and comfort in very cute shoes!

The Earthies Cristiana is a gorgeous bootie with cutouts in the upper and a peep toe. This suede shoe has a 3” heel and a zipper in the back for easy on-off. Yet even with that heel, the cradle toe area distributes your weight away from the toes, and the anatomic arch provides outstanding support . Who knew that a shoe this beautiful could feel good on your feet?

Earth Shoes are designed for the everyday working woman. These contemporary designs include dress shoes for work, and casual shoes for the rest of your life. I particularly like the fact that they are stylish but don’t have huge heels, and are versatile enough to wear with most of my wardrobe! Comfort is key in this brand; each shoe contains a padded heel area to displace shock, reinforced arch support for stability, and multi-density latex cushioning to really pamper your feet.

My current favorite Earth Shoe is the Wisteria in Bat Leather. The footbed feels really soft and comfortable, yet supportive, and I love how the leather straps are actually two different shades of brown. The 2” heel makes this shoe really comfortable and easy to wear and I can spend an entire work day in these shoes with no issues at all. It looks good with dress slacks as well as jeans too!

The Earth brand – meaning Kalso Earth, Earthies, and Earth Shoes – covers all your footwear needs. Find a pair that makes you happy today!

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