Feeling Unbalanced? The EvenUp Foot Leveler Might Help!

I’m not talking about feeling a little mentally unbalanced, I’m talking about feeling physically unbalanced. If you’ve got one leg that’s a little longer than the other, or more commonly if you’re injured and have to wear an orthopedic boot, feeling physically unbalanced can be really painful. I remember when I had to wear an orthopedic boot when I had a stress fracture in my foot, I experienced a lot of pain in my hips due to walking unevenly. How ironic is it to have to go through pain elsewhere in your body as you get an injury to heal?! At last, those of us who have a height difference between their legs – particularly in the case of those wearing orthopedic implements – have a solution to this problem: the EvenUp Foot Leveler.

What the EvenUp Foot Leveler does is add a little extra height to an existing shoe. It’s a device that you put over your shoe so that you can be properly balanced. It’s dramatic how something as innocuous as a height differential between your legs can cause so much pain; the Foot Leveler can greatly improve your life as you heal.

Sizing for the Evenup works based on the measurement of the sole of the shoe (NOT your shoe size).  Size small correlates to a sole measurement between 10 inches and 11 ¼ inches. Size Medium works for a sole measurement between 11 ½ inches and 12 ¾ inches. Use a size Large for a sole measurement between 13 inches and 14 ½ inches.

There are actually two layers to the EvenUp, which can help you customize the height. The bottom layer is 1.3 cm thick. If you need a little more height, add the top sole to create an additional 2.1 cm. This can make a difference in your comfort level!

You don’t have to experience pain just from being physically unbalanced due to leg length or in particular when you have to wear an orthopedic boot. Try out the EvenUp Foot Leveler. Don’t go through extra pain while you heal from an injury!


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