Not all Shoe Laces are Created Equal!

If you’re like me, you never think about shoe laces until one breaks on you. But when it does, keeping your shoe on properly becomes a big hassle. Footwear etc. carries several brands of laces, which can work on all sorts of shoes!

Need dress shoe laces? Check out the Mephisto replacement shoe laces in black. These 80 cm long cotton laces are specific for dress shoes and are a round, braided style. They’ll look great with all sorts of dress shoes!

For casual or walking shoes, Mephisto also makes replacement laces in tan, and black. These are 90 cm long and are flat and woven from 100% cotton. You can also get them in Birch or Espresso in 90, 115, 120, and 130 cm lengths.

Ecco also makes replacement shoe laces that are suitable for many types of casual walking shoes. Available in white and black in 32” lengths, these round braided laces are treated with wax for extra strength.

Cadillac has an interesting type of lace, called the Comfort Lace. These black rope-shaped laces are 30” long, but contain collapsible knots. These knots produce “tension zones” at each eyelet, which helps you maintain tension in particular areas. These laces eliminate the need to keep retying your shoes due to slippage. The Comfort Lace shoe laces are a great choice if you find you need to re-tie your shoes more than you’d like to.

Don’t be fooled by cheap knock-offs; the Mephisto, Ecco and Cadillac laces are very high quality and hold up well over time. Consider any of these when you need a new pair of laces!


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