Get the Finest in Ventilation with Aetrex Copper Sole Socks

As I’ve been looking through to see what sort of holiday gift ideas I can come up with, I came across some socks that have really interesting properties. The Aetrex Copper Sole Socks are more than just everyday socks, they’re the ultimate socks for keeping your feet cool and dry.

Remember those Chilean miners that were trapped for 69 days? According to Aetrex, the miners were given Copper socks after 36 days to help them combat the warm, humid conditions in the mine. Amazingly, these socks actually improved the condition of the miners’ feet even while they were still in the mine! How is this possible?

These socks contain copper ion technology developed by Cupron. This technology has been clinically proven to help prevent the formation of bacteria, fungi and odor. It also helps improve skin texture and appearance. These copper ions are embedded in the yarn and are guaranteed to last for the life of the sock.

Aetrex Copper Socks also contain additional cushioning, flat seam construction to protect against any irritation, and Spandex to hug your foot. The socks are available in white (unisex) and men’s brown and black dress socks.

Aetrex considers these socks to be the healthiest socks on the market, and it’s hard to argue with success. The superior ventilation properties make these socks the benchmark in what you should look for in a comfortable sock. Give them a try and see what you think. If this technology worked for the Chilean miners, imagine how comfortable it can make you feel!

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