A Great New Little Handbag: The Alegria Amie Wristlet!

If you’re anything like me, you need  – and I do mean need – a variety of purses. I need a purse for everyday (actually multiple purses for different colors of my wardrobe). I need dressy purses. I need bags for when I travel that are easy to carry regardless of how much walking I do. I also need little wristlet handbags when I’m just dashing out and about or don’t want to carry my big voluminous everyday bag. I’m excited that Alegria, the great shoe company that puts those spectacular patterns on their shoes, has introduced little wristlet bags with lots of “personality!”

The Amie is a little handbag made of patent leather. It’s a great size: 3.5” x 7.25”. It’s durable, which is perfect for me since I tend to toss handbags around and therefore am hard on them. But what called me to these bags is the variety of colors and patterns available. These bags just scream “fun!”

This bag is available in the following patterns: Peace and Love Black Patent Leather, African Leopard Patent Leather, Western Romance Patent Leather, and Midnight Garden Patent Leather. They’ll go with all sorts of outfits, and are easy to just grab and go! I love the size; it’s perfect for my wallet, keys, cell phone, and small hairbrush.

Don’t you think this would make a terrific gift as well? It might be just the thing for the woman in your life who seemingly has everything else.

Handbags from the shoe company that encourages “happiness” for your feet are a great thing. Check out the Alegria Amie Wristlet for yourself, for your friends, for anyone who likes a little whimsy in their handbags.


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