Just in Time for the Holidays: Men’s Dress Shoes from Bostonian!

My dad wore dress shoes to work every day. My husband breaks out dress shoes just a few times a year. With the holidays coming up, more and more men are going to need comfortable dress shoes, and Footwear etc. now carries a brand steeped in tradition: Bostonian.

Bostonian has been around for a long time – over 110 years. This is the first brand that introduced flexible dress shoes, and over the years has come up with new technological and styling innovations to keep men happy.  Currently, Bostonian features models that combine athletic-shoe technology with dress and casual shoe styles, so this brand is a great choice for men seeking comfort as well as beautiful craftsmanship.

Men have a huge variety of styles to choose from.  Like slip-ons? Consider the Ballard Bit, or the Martin. I particularly like the Evanston since I love tassels. How about a lace-up shoe?  Check out the Pollino, or the Howes. For all you wing tip fans, there’s the Luglite Wing or the Andover. How about Penny Loafers? There’s the Pershing. These models are just the tip of the iceberg; Bostonian makes many more styles in a variety of colors. All of them are made with leather uppers, soft linings, and flexible outsoles that have great traction and stability. There’s a tremendous amount of versatility in this line; you can wear them with anything from khakis to a tuxedo!

Don’t assume that men’s dress shoes are uncomfortable. Bostonian has been making comfortable dress shoes for many years, and has perfected the art of creating comfort footwear.  Give them a try this holiday season, and beyond!

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