Dansko Professional Clogs: The Premier Choice of People On their Feet All Day!

One of the side effects of working for a shoe company is that I now notice what people wear on their feet. Every time I visit the Dr.’s office, I am struck by the sheer quantity of Dansko Professionals I see. It seems to be THE choice of medical professionals everywhere. I’ve also noticed a lot of teachers who wear them as well. Why do they choose Danskos? Let me count the reasons:

They are outstandingly supportive and comfortable. The toe box is wide, so your toes can move comfortably. The heel counter lets your heel move up and down as you walk. The heel cup cradles your heel and provides lateral stability. I feel arch support as well, which is particularly helpful on those days when my plantar fasciitis flares up. The rocker sole propels your foot forward as you walk, and the outsole provides excellent shock absorption.

They are durable. Dansko products are made from the highest quality leather available, and that always holds up better than the cheaper knock-offs. The polypropylene inner frame can take a lot of abuse, and the outsole is practically bomb proof. You’ll get a lot of mileage out of these shoes.

They are stylish.  The Professional model is available in a ton of colors and patterns to augment your wardrobe or your mood. You can wear a whimsical style one day, and a conservative-looking model the next. Your feet won’t feel a difference in the outstanding quality, but you have many options in appearance to choose from.

I started wearing the Professonals years ago when I was teaching, and they were the only shoes I owned that I could use to get through the whole day on my feet. I was gratified to see my podiatrist wearing the same model. This is a hugely popular model at my local surgery center; I’ve seen a variety of colors and patterns worn there.

Need to be on your feet all day? Try out the Dansko Professional. You can be stylish and comfortable while constantly on your feet!


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