As Seen on “Oprah’s Favorite Things”: The UGG Classic Cardy!

I love seeing what Oprah comes up with for her list of her favorite things. Sometimes there are some really interesting items there that I wouldn’t necessarily have found otherwise. But one item on her list I’m already very familiar with, and I think just as highly of it as she does: the UGG Classic Cardy. It’s like a sheepskin cardigan sweater for your feet!

The versatility of this boot is fantastic. Your feet stay really warm and cozy because of the soft, sheepskin insole.  You can also get a variety of looks by changing what you do with the shaft of the boot. Want to wear it with skinny jeans or leggings? Button the boot all the way up! Want a casual look? Scrunch the shaft down a bit. Want to wear it under slacks? Fold the shaft down.  Your look can change with your mood, your wardrobe, or the weather!

This is also a nice boot for those of us with thicker calves. The heathered merino wool gives so that your legs don’t have to feel constricted. I also particularly love the way they look and feel when they are folded down. It really does seem like I’ve got a comfy sweater on my feet; just what I crave during the cold weather.

Footwear etc. has the UGG Classic Cardy available in both gray and black. I can easily see both of those in my wardrobe!

UGG boots are perfect as holiday gifts. You’re giving a gift of warmth and cozy comfort to your loved ones. Oprah would never steer us wrong, check out the UGG Classic Cardy from UGG Australia. It’s an easy addition to your holiday list that everyone will love.


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