A Great Gift for the Holidays: Four Seasons Full Cedar Shine Box

My dad had a shoe shine box that he used to take care of all his dress shoes. Granted, he wore his dress shots a lot, since he wore suits to work every day. Being the frugal guy he was, Dad believed that he needed to get as much mileage out of his shoes as he could. I have many happy memories of helping my dad shine his shoes on Saturday mornings, and lo-and-behold Footwear etc. now carries a very similar shoe shine box from Four Seasons!

The Four Seasons Full Cedar Shine Box is a phenomenal gift for your favorite shoe connoisseur. The cedar box not only smells great (perfect to keep in your closet), it holds all your essential shoe shine accessories. The box comes with a wood and horsehair shine brush, 2 wood and horsehair shine daubers for applying shoe polish, a can of black and a can of neutral-colored shoe polish, and a shine cloth. The top of the box has a slant board on which you can work on your shoes with full accessibility and ease.

This beautiful and practical shine box is an elegant gift for anyone who loves to take care of shoes. Make those investments last by taking care of your shoes! Keep your shoe shine materials contained and accessible in the Four Seasons Full Cedar Shine Box. Maybe you can create some happy memories with your family too!

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