We’ve Got Bling!

Sometimes we’ve just got to engage our inner divas. I for one love to see a little bling and sparkle in my life from time to time. The folks at UGG Australia are smart enough to recognize this burning need in some of us, and as a result have come out with two perfect boots for this purpose: the Bailey Bling, and the Classic Short Sparkles!

As with all UGG boots, these two models contain the highest quality of sheepskin available. It remains soft after repeated wearings, and allows your feet to breathe and to stay dry while they stay cozy and warm. The EVA sole is flexible and light, so you won’t feel like you’re tromping around in clodhoppers. And of course these boots are warm and durable; perfect for Fall and Winter days. But they’ve got the added benefit of a little glitz as well.

The Bailey Bling, is very similar to the Bailey Button, but rather than a wooden button embellishing the side of the boot, UGG Australia has added a Swarovski crystal! How fantastic is that – you get all the great features of the Bailey Button with a little extra glamour to it. This boot comes in Grey and Black sheepskin, and is available exclusively from Footwear etc.

The Classic Short Sparkles really DOES sparkle. Take the Classic Short Boot, add hundreds of sequins all over it, and stand back! What a glitzy boot! Again, the Classic Short Sparkles has UGG’s usual genuine sheepskin, that makes your feet feel warm and cozy but not sweaty. This fabulous sheepskin won’t become scratchy over time like its synthetic counterparts. But what really makes this boot special are all of those sequins. I absolutely love the fact that you can create two different looks to this boot merely by rubbing the sequins in one direction versus the other. Give it a try; it’s fun, and gives you a little versatility with this style! Check it out in both in Black and in Champagne.

Need Bling? Love UGGs? Be sure to try out the Bailey Bling and Classic Short Sparkles. They are both limited edition boots, available only from Footwear etc. Get your minimum daily requirement of glitz before they become sold out!

One Response to We’ve Got Bling!

  1. Gina Paterson says:

    I am looking for the classic short sparkle uggs in champaigne with the cream /
    White at the back bottom with ugg printed . I can’t seem to get a pair anywhere. I’m looking of a uk 5.5. Us size 7. Any ideas?