Get Off The Couch and Get Fit with ASICS Shoes!

A friend of mine refers to the extra poundage he starts to accumulate at this time of year as his “Winter Weight.” He’s great about getting exercise when the weather is nice, but during the sloppier winter months, it’s just more difficult to find the motivation. I can barely get myself off the couch when it’s cold and wet. But winter is no time to give up on your fitness plan, and a great way to help you stay motivated is with a little retail therapy. The items that will get me off the couch are some great models from a fantastic running shoe company: ASICS!

Couch potatoes like me can rejoice in the fact that ASICS makes a wide variety of fitness shoes to choose from. How do you know which shoe is best for you? Here are some guidelines:

If you’re going to do predominantly fitness walking, consider a bona fide walking shoe like the ASICS Gel-Tech Walker Neo® 2. Walking shoes tend to be a little stiffer than running shoes, and are designed for maximum heel protection since walkers tend to land on their heels as they stride. The ASICS Gel-Tech Walker Neo® 2 shoe does this and more. It also has the benefit of being a lightweight shoe while having two layers of memory foam. The design and materials of this shoe really provide outstanding stability and comfort while you walk. It’s available for both men and women too!

The Women’s Gel-Kayano 17 is a fabulous all-around running shoe. It excels in helping you move efficiently through your gait cycle. There is even a cushioned platform feel in the forefoot, which is specifically designed for women. It even has a 3 mm additional height to help relieve Achilles tension. This lightweight shoe helps your feet stay cool and dry, while providing exceptional support.

Overpronators, the shoe that’s just for you is the ASICS Gel-Cumulus 13. Available for both men and women, this running shoe has gender-specific forefoot cushioning and full-length Solyte® midsole material to provide extra stability. It’s the perfect shoe for mild to moderate pronators.

Are you a trail runner? Try the ASICS GT-2160 Trail. Both men and women will enjoy the extra traction and durability of this rugged shoe. It contains reversed lugs for uphill and downhill traction on all types of terrain. I really like how that can help you stay safe as you run. And as with all ASICS shoes, your feet will stay cool, dry, and supported.

Note that all of these shoes have received the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association. That’s quite an endorsement!

So get up off the couch and try out the new shoes from ASICS. Even lousy weather this winter can’t outweigh the outstanding benefits of these shoes.

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