Soft and Cozy Slippers for that Cool Weather!

As the weather cools down, I love having my feet stay warm. I may still be able to wear sandals during the day, but the nights get chilly. I’m so happy to have found some new cozy slippers: Ciabatta’s!

Made from high quality sheepskin, these slippers are a luxury for your feet! The insole is cushy and soft, the sheepskin is breathable so that your feet can stay comfortable and dry, and the outsole is made from skid resistant rubber. Perfect for running outside to get the newspaper in the morning!

There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from for both men and women. Here’s a sampling:

The Joyce Slip-On is a mule-styled slipper that’s easy to get on and off, and versatile as it keeps your feet warm and cozy. It’s available in chocolate, tan, and navy. Somehow I can easily see my daughter rolling out of bed and wearing these to school! I wouldn’t put it past her; but at least I know her feet will be cozy as she races off…

Another really cute slip-on shoe is the Glide Scuff Slip-On. Similar to the Joyce Slip-On, the Glide comes in some adorable colors! I’m especially fond of girly colors like lavender and pink, but it’s also available in sand and tan. My mother really likes pink; that might make a really good holiday gift….

I absolutely love the Ciabatta Hi Top Bootie. This style is available for both men and for women, and in my humble opinion is the ultimate cozy slipper. Why have your heel be cold when the rest of your foot is nice and toasty? The sheepskin completely envelops your foot and provides phenomenal softness and comfort. The Hi Top is available in sand for men, and tan for women, and is sure to be a hit for those of us who really want our entire foot to stay warm and cozy.

Men have a couple of other options to choose from: the Moccasin, which is available in chocolate, and the Step-In Velcro, available in tan. You get all the comfort from the wonderful sheepskin insole and slip-resistant rubber outsole, but in a moccasin style or an adjustable Velcro slide model. The latter is particularly great if you are prone to swollen feet, or have sensitive feet and need to be able to adjust the width.

Don’t go through cool weather with cold feet! Try the new Ciabatta slippers. They’ll make perfect holiday gifts too!

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