Freshgear Toe Socks Give High Performance Wear to Sport Socks!

I remember toe socks from my wild youth, when they were typically knee-highs, and all sorts of exotic colors and patterns. Today, they are making a comeback, and in a subdued yet high performance model from Freshgear.

Available in white, the Freshgear Unisex AFX Performance Sport Toe Sock is the perfect sock for both casual and athletic wear. It’s great that the sock doesn’t show, yet provides outstanding comfort. You can wear them by themselves for an extra-sleek look, or under conventional socks. Wearing them under other socks actually can help reduce your chance of getting blisters!

These socks are specifically designed for people who are prone to blisters, foot odor, and “athlete’s foot.” They’ve actually been treated with an antimicrobial finish that can eliminate up to 99% of bacteria and fungi that cause foot odor or mildew. What a huge win; there is NOTHING worse than mildewed socks. Trust me.

What’s also great about the antimicrobial protection is that it’s renewable! All you have to do to get maximum coverage is wash them in a white laundry load with detergent and bleach. That process reactivates the protection! If only that could occur for the rest of the laundry…

Freshgear toe socks also promote increased air flow and moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet cool and dry. Give them a try and see how much more comfortable your feet can be.

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