Customers Agree: MBT Shoes Can Really Help Certain Medical Conditions

We love getting feedback! It’s the best way we can keep improving our service, and carrying the most relevant products to our customers. We love to hear what works, what doesn’t, and how our shoes can really make a difference in your life. Lately, we’ve been hearing some amazing feedback about MBT shoes for folks who have an assortment of medical issues.

The most feedback we’ve gotten is for the alleviation of plantar fasciitis symptoms. The rocker sole of MBT shoes helps keep the plantar fascia stretched, yet the rigid sole does so gently. Dozens of customers have called to tell us how MBTs are the only shoes that they can wear, particularly for those people who have to walk or stand a lot during their days.

Arthritis sufferers also extol MBT’s virtues. The natural instability that the rocker sole creates actually takes pressure off your joints and helps you realign your body. We’ve had numerous reports of hip, knee, and back pain being dramatically reduced just by the use of these shoes.

People with ankle fusion have had significant issues with conventional shoes, since walking without your ankle bending is tremendously difficult in those. The rigidity of the sole of MBT shoes makes movement much easier, without putting too much pressure on the ankle. Some customers have reported phenomenal results in this way.

Even people with hip replacements have reported outstanding results with MBT shoes. Here’s an example from one of our customers, Martha:

I discovered Footwear etc. only about a month ago. I have ordered 6 pairs of shoes during their MBT sale and am so very happy with the purchases. I wear a size 12 women’s shoe — a size that is virtually impossible to find in most shoe stores and especially in MBT styles. MBT is the ONLY shoe I can wear since hip replacement surgery left me with a leg length discrepancy and lower back pain. But I cannot find them in my size. Also, I can’t really affort to buy them at the regular price and Footwear etc.’s sales are a Godsend for me. That is why I have bought 6 pairs while they are on sale. MBT’s last a long time and I am hoping that by stocking up, it will keep me shoed until the next sale. Also, whenever I call Footwear etc. for help, I get a REAL PERSON on the phone who never fails to be truly helpful and polite — a rarity in today’s busy world with too many customer service people whose first priority is to convince you that your problem is not theirs!

We love hearing that we can make a difference in our customers lives, both with our outstanding service as well as our top-notch products like MBT shoes. Let us know how we can make a difference for you!


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