Waterproof Shoes – Fun for Work, Play, Sport!

Mother Nature never said that work, play or sports activities were always nice and neat and dry. If I want to go power walking in the rain, how do I keep my feet dry? What if I want to plant my veggie garden (which is always easier after it rains)? How about going white water rafting during my vacation – what shoes can I wear that can dry easily and still be comfortable as I’m getting doused by the river? What about if it snows?

There are a lot of waterproof shoes out there for many purposes. Where do you start? Think of what your “wet” activity is. Do you need them strictly for outdoor use, or for a wet indoor work environment? How rugged do you need your shoes to be? Think about how you’ll use your shoes so you can make the best determination for what you’ll need.

For exercise walking, I particularly like the MBT GTX shoes, like the MBT Fora GTX (for women) or the MBT Kimondo GTX (for men). These shoes have wonderful toning properties, help alleviate joint pain and assorted foot problems, and make walking a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I love the fact that I can get caught in a downpour and not have to worry about a little water ruining the Masai sensor. These shoes are specially treated to resist water, which I believe will help them last a lot longer.

For rugged shoes, you can’t beat Merrells. The Women’s Siren Sport GTX is a terrific shoe suitable for hiking. Encounter some sloppy terrain? No problem; these shoes are durable as well as water resistant. The anatomical footbed and air cushion in the heel provide comfort and cushioning as you walk. Perfect for the Great Outdoors!

Gardening, anyone? Check out the Birki Unisex Active Birki. I love wearing these shoes in my garden; they provide great support due to the cork and latex footbed, yet are lightweight and great for walking in mucky areas. They’re easy to keep clean too!

Another rugged, water-resistant shoe is the Keen Newport H2 series. Available for both men and women, these are the perfect shoes for rugged, sloppy terrain, or even for boating or rafting. They provide fantastic traction, and have Keen’s patented toe protection so you can feel confident that you won’t injure your toes as you play. They withstand the abuse that saltwater and dirt can bring to your shoes.

What’s a little snow? Your feet can stay warm and dry with the UGG Adirondack or Butte. These are fantastic boots for the snow, and have UGG’s usual high quality sheepskin interior to keep your feet comfortable. They also have excellent traction, and can make trudging through the snow a far more pleasurable experience.

What kind of waterproof shoe do YOU need? Take a peek at the many options Footwear etc. carries. Sloppy weather can’t stop you!

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