Introducing MBT’s Most Technologically-Advanced Shoe: The Ari!

There’s a new kid on the block, so to speak. If you’re a fan of MBT shoes, you’ll find the newest addition to the family fascinating. It’s the Ari, and it’s truly in a class by itself.

Available for men and women, the Ari is radically different from other rocker-sole shoes (even other MBTs). It contains a dramatically superior ventilation system. It has a high performance outsole that’s designed to greatly improve traction. And it has biomechanical pillars in the midsole. The Ari has been recognized as a 2011 Red Dot Award  Winner for its innovative technological advancements in shoe design.

Sounds impressive, but what does this really mean?

The new ventilation system contains a highly-breathable mesh upper, lightweight sock liner, and inlay sole. The biomechanically-engineered pillars in the sole increase air flow as you step. (If you look at the shoe from a side view, you can see the pillars in action!). One layer of the midsole, the lasting board, actually contains ventilation portals that allow your feet to stay significantly cooler and drier than in other shoes. If your feet tend to get hot, these are the shoes for you!

Ok, so it will keep your feet cool and dry, but how does it feel? Fantastic! I wore them around the office, and they are phenomenally lightweight. I also noticed that the rocker motion is a little more pronounced than in other MBT shoes; the sole is a little thicker than some of the other relatively new models. As with other MBTs, the natural instability helps you improve your posture and therefore alleviates joint pain, and the rolling motion allows you to strengthen and tone your muscles. The other thing I noticed is that the shoe seems to be cut a little narrow (even for MBTs), so if you have a wider foot, you might consider going up ½ a size.

Yes, these shoes are more expensive than other MBT shoes. But you can feel the difference in comfort. Your feet are worth it! But don’t wait too long, there are only 1,000 pairs of this limited edition shoe available in the country! Give the Ari a try and discover what the best technology in rocker-sole shoes can do for you.

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