FitFlops: The Choice of Travelers Worldwide!

Just got back from my first-ever trip to Europe, and among all the amazing sights, I noticed what people were wearing. Much to my surprise, the overwhelming favorite in footwear that I noticed, was… FitFlops! I saw them in the UK, in Norway, in Copenhagen, and even Estonia! I really shouldn’t have been surprised, FitFlops contain the perfect features for weary, traveler’s feet.

The patented Microwobbleboard technology allows you to work muscles you don’t usually use in conventional shoes, but still give some stability. You get the benefits of rocker sole technology, but the back part of the shoe does provide a stable platform. As a result, as you walk, you’ll be working out those leg and gluteal muscles! And being flip flops, they are the perfect summer sandals. Need to do some serious sightseeing? FitFlops will keep your feet comfortable while giving you a workout as you walk. Need to just kick back this summer? FitFlops are casual, cool, and oh-so comfy!

I really like the Oasis, which is available in Black, Stone, and Chocolate suede. Very stylish, and they can go with any casual outfit! This style was one of the most popular ones I saw on my trip!

The Electra is also a terrific model, which you can wear with dressier clothes! Available in Black, Bronze, and Pewter, these shoes provide excellent versatility as well as all the wonderful features that FitFlops provide.

Road tested all over the world, FitFlops are fantastic shoes for your active vacation, or for just kicking back at home.

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