Put a Spring in your Step with Gravity Defyer Shoes!

Those of us with foot pain are always looking for new products to help us get through each day. Any type of shoe that can alleviate joint pain, or absorb shock, or reduce fatigue has to be good! Footwear etc. is excited to announce the arrival of Gravity Defyer Shoes, which help in all those areas.

The unique design of Gravity Defyer shoes provides a wealth of benefits for your feet. The VersoShock Trampoline Heel membrane provides outstanding shock absorption. The Smart Memory Master Spring works with the trampoline membrane to provide a smooth transition between movement, and comfort while standing still on hard surfaces. These shoes actually help propel you forward! Twin Stabilizers help keep your feet from pronating. The EVA midsole provides a gentle rocker motion while protecting your metatarsal bones.

Other benefits of the Gravity Defyer shoes include: a removable insole so that you can wear orthotics in them, and the AVS3 ventilation system to help keep your feet cool and comfortable.

Gravity Defyer shoes are available in athletic styles as well as dressy styles. There are even fisherman-style sandals!

Check out the new Gravity Defyer shoes at Footwear etc.  You’ll literally have a spring in your step as you alleviate foot pain.

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