Protect Your Shoe Investment with Collonil Products

If I’m going to make an investment in some good quality shoes, I want them to last as long as possible. Proper care and treatment can help you accomplish that goal, and Collonil has a variety of products designed just for this purpose.

Need to protect your shoes against water damage? Try the Collonil Waterstop Spray. It’s effective on all sorts of materials: leather, nubuck, Gore Tex, etc. The spray foam, which goes on clear, is very quick and easy to apply. Another great feature is that protects against fading as well! Also consider it for handbags and other leather/nubuck/textile products!

Collonil’s Clean and Care Foam is a spray foam that’s great for cleaning and nourishing leather, nubuck and textiles. Just remember to spray the foam onto a cloth, brush or sponge first, not directly on the item. Once you rub it all over the item, use a damp cloth to remove the foam. (Just be sure to try it on a non-noticeable area to be sure that the item is color fast.) My purse, which I throw around all over the place, could definitely use some TLC from this product!

I found a way to make my nubuck shoes look like new again: using the Collonil Nubuck Box Shoe Cleaner. This is a sponge with a soft foam rubber side to roughen the fibers of the nubuck, and a crepe side to clean the suede/nubuck. This product is especially effective if you use it after using a liquid cleaner, letting the item dry, and then brush the nubuck/suede in one direction.

Don’t let water, dirt and assorted wear make your shoes deteriorate! Check out the Collonil products to protect that investment!

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