Earth Shoes for the New Millenium!

We all remember Earth shoes from decades ago. Comfortable, but a little clunky-looking. Earth has migrated into the New Millenium by creating updated designs using environmentally-friendly materials. These are not shoes from the ‘70s, these are fashion-forward shoes for today and now!

The key to Earth’s healthy benefits is the 3.7º incline of the sole. With your heel a little lower than your toes, your body weight becomes redistributed and allows you to utilize muscles differently – strengthening and toning them. Other benefits include an anatomic arch support to provide extra support to your foot and work together with the incline of the sole. And in all Earth shoes, there is Biofoam cushioning – which molds to the shape of your foot and provides great shock absorption. Don’t forget the environmentally-friendly materials used in these shoes; each pair utilizes 70% recycled materials. Your shoes can be politically correct!

But are they still clunky-looking? No! In particular, I’m fond of the Instinct in green leather. It’s a wonderful all-around shoe for everyday wear. I could really use these for dashing out to the store, or for casual outings. Fun, and easy to wear!

Another shoe I like is the Imply, in moss leather. The hook and loop strap on the top of the foot and around the heel make it adjustable for a custom fit. Perfect for a summer stroll, and you’ll feel those toning benefits as you walk.

Earth Shoes for today’s savvy shopper. Comfortable, environmentally friendly, AND stylish!

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