Walking Can Be Light as a Feather with the Ecco Biom Walk!

Have you noticed that many walking shoes can feel heavy? In order to supply the support needed for a good walking shoe, manufacturers often add a lot of bulky material. They might not start out feeling heavy, but if you walk a long time, they can feel like cement blocks on your feet! Not so with the Ecco Biom Walk series; they’re the most lightweight walking shoes I’ve found yet!

With its anatomically-shaped last, the Ecco Biom Walk 1.2 helps you achieve a very natural walking motion. Don’t be fooled by the lightweight design; the shoes are definitely supportive and strong. I love the durability of the rubber outsole, and the comfort of the textile uppers and lining.

Available in black/titanium and in silver/concrete, the Ecco Biom Walk 1.2 provides a fantastic alternative to heavy, clunky walking shoes. Who knows, maybe the reduction in weight can help you walk longer and farther! Don’t sacrifice support in your walking shoe, check out the Ecco Biom Walk 1.2!

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