The Perfect Liner for Barefoot Technology Shoes: Injinji Toesocks

I used to buy socks in packages of 6 at the big box stores. They were nothing special, and they never held up for very long. My feet would sometimes sweat in them, wicking properties weren’t that great. Occasionally the seams would rub strangely on my feet. I thought this was normal, they’re just socks, right? Little did I know how amazing a pair of socks can feel on your feet until I tried on a pair of Injinji Toesocks.

I was apprehensive about these socks, given that I typically don’t even like to wear flip flops due to the bar between my toes. What a surprise, these socks are amazingly comfortable even for fussy feet like mine! There are no seams to irritate your feet or toes. In fact, having the toes separated lets your toes function naturally with no restrictions. This design even dramatically reduces friction between the toes – who needs blisters from your toes rubbing together? And the CoolMax® fibers help keep your feet cool and comfortable!

Injinji Toesocks are not only great all-purpose socks, but they are specifically helpful for use with Barefoot Technology shoes like the Vibram FiveFingers. They even feel great when used with shoes such as the Merrell Glove series, or New Balance Minimus Shoes. I even like them in my regular casual shoes (non-Barefoot Technology)!

There are several heights to the Injinji Toesocks: Micro, which comes up to your ankle; Mini, which reaches just above your ankle; and Crew, which ends at about mid-calf. There are even socks specifically designed for use during Yoga – those contain slip-resistant grippers on the soles so that you can feel secure as you exercise indoors.

Injinji Toesocks are perfect for everyday wear as well as with those spiffy Barefoot Technology shoes that are all the rage these days. Check them out for a unique fit and feel!

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