MBT Jambo – A Great New Shoe for Casual Wear!

Here at Footwear etc. we get lots of calls from customers extolling the virtues of MBT shoes. They help with a litany of joint problems, foot problems, back problems, and fans of these shoes can’t say enough positive things about them. Many customers really like the models with the lower-profile soles; they provide all the benefits of MBT’s rocker-sole technology, yet don’t look clunky like the older models. I really like the improvements MBT has made in the appearance of its new models, and I have to say that one of my favorites is the new Jambo for men and women.

If you like the look of canvas lace-up shoes, you will love the Jambo. It’s casual, yet comfortable and versatile. I love the fact that it provides all the benefits of rocker-sole shoes, but doesn’t really LOOK like a rocker sole shoe. You definitely feel the rocker when they’re on your feet, but to just look at them you’ll notice that it’s very subtle and unobtrusive in appearance.

 I also really like the fact that the shoe is fairly lightweight. Many rocker-sole shoes can be heavy, and while they provide great benefits to your body, I prefer shoes that don’t weigh a lot. These fit the bill. I also really like the fact that the toe box is slightly wider than in many of the new MBT models; it gives my toes a little breathing room. And they’re cute; I can’t wait to take these on vacation!

 Available for women in Red, Black, and Military canvas, and for men in Black and Navy canvas, the Jambo is a great shoe for many occasions. Have fun with MBT’s stylish canvas shoe!

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