Finnamic by Finn Comfort – Rocker Bottom Shoes with Stability and Hand Craftsmanship!

Toning shoes are typically designed to create natural instability, which helps you utilize muscles your body hasn’t been using already. This instability forces you to stand a little straighter, get more of a muscular workout in your feet and legs, and many customers have reported outstanding results from wearing these shoes. But the typical rocker bottom shoes aren’t for everyone. If you require exceptional arch support, a deep heel cup, etc., you won’t find these features in most toning shoes. If you crave the outstanding quality of a handcrafted shoe, your options have been nonexistent. If you want the benefits of rocker bottom shoes yet have stability issues of your own, you haven’t been able to get them. Until now; Finn Comfort has come to the rescue.

Finn Comfort is known for its outstanding quality shoes. Each pair is handcrafted in Germany. The orthopedic footbed is anatomically designed to provide exceptional support and comfort.  But now the Finnamic collection features a mild rocker sole to gently help you improve posture, alleviate stress on your joints, and tone your muscles. This is the first stable rocker sole shoe I’ve ever seen, and these shoes are incredibly comfortable!

The Sausalitois a cute summer sandal that you won’t want to take off! The hook and loop straps customize the fit around your foot, and the cork footbed provides phenomenal support. Who knew you could get all that in a rocker bottom shoe? These are incredibly comfortable and I can see wearing these as I trek around on my summer vacation.

The Ikebukuro is a comfy oxford that again gives you the best of both worlds: stability and rocker bottom toning properties. This is a great all-around shoe that you could wear every day! Why not treat your feet to something feels GREAT, with styles that go with all sorts of outfits?

If you’re looking for some stability and support while getting rocker bottom benefits, check out the Finnamic collection by Finn Comfort. They are unique, and amazing!

3 Responses to Finnamic by Finn Comfort – Rocker Bottom Shoes with Stability and Hand Craftsmanship!

  1. Diane says:

    I totally agree with you about the Finnamic rocker sole. By wearing the Finnamics, I’ve been able to take up distance walking as my exercise. The arch combined with the gentle rocker make all the difference. I can actually walk, and for the first time in years, my plantar fasciitis is under control. I wouldn’t be able to walk 20 miles a week were it not for these shoes.

    My problem is that I’d like to walk in the winter too and need something a little more rugged. Do you know of a similar sole/fit that you recommend? I don’t wear an orthotic (and hope to avoid them) and I don’t want an enlarged toe box or loose heel.

    Thank you for any help you can give as I’m desperate to find something that works so I can keep up with my exercise.


  2. Jan says:

    Diane: Assuming you’re wearing the Samara or Sausalito, you might consider the Ikebukuro – it is also a Finnamic. The toe box is not over sized and the UK full and 1/2 sizes allow a precise fit. (This is the first model we would recommend based on your comments.)

  3. Diane says:

    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes, I have the Ikebukuro, Recife, and Pretoria and love all of them.

    I wear the Recifes as my distance walkers.

    Unfortunately, Finnamic doesn’t include a shoe that is really sturdy for exercise walking in colder weather with a sole that offers a better grip for walking in light snow.

    Since Finn doesnt have anything, I was wondering if any other companies might have a similar rocker structure but offer a more rugged style. Even something like a “hiking sneaker” would work. (I’ve heard that the Mephisto Sano might work, but I don’t know anything about them)

    Thank you for any suggestions you might provide.