Earthies – The Original Feel-Good Shoes Updated for the New Millenium!

Remember Earth Shoes? Those shoes with the heel that’s lower than the front of the shoe? They were all the rage years ago, and were definitely comfortable and good for your feet. Those same product developers have taken on the challenge of creating heels and wedges that are not only fashion forward, but also good for your feet and have come up with…Earthies!

“Wellness. Elevated.” may be a catchy slogan, but it really reflects the philosophy of this brand. Why wear heels and wedges that are ONLY attractive but aren’t good for your feet? Earthies were designed to satisfy your needs for health and wellness as well as appearance!

I love the cute styles, but I really appreciate the graduated arch support, cupped heels, and cradled footbeds. The insole feels like memory foam! And despite the fact that these are “elevated” shoes, you won’t feel like you’re walking on your toes. The unique wellness footbed cradles your feet and distributes your body weight so that your feet are in a more natural position than in typical heels, and alleviates pressure on any one part of your foot.

My favorite dressy shoe is Earthies’  Veria. The suede upper is so soft and classy-looking! It’s a wonderful shoe to wear from work to a night on the town. And I don’t have to worry about my feet hurting over the course of the day. The unusual yet beautiful style sets you apart from the masses.

Another really fun shoe is Earthies‘  Lucia. The wedge heel makes the shoe extremely stable, and you don’t sacrifice style for comfort! The leather upper creates visual interest as well as a custom fit due to the straps and the attractive gold buckles. I love to wear these shoes with jeans as well as casual summery outfits. What a great, versatile shoe!

So don’t sacrifice comfort when you wear heels and wedges. Check out the Earthies Collection and experience “Wellness. Elevated.”

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